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'Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:

the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.' ~ David Brooks

Therapeutic coaching - the integration of reparative counselling with developmental coaching...

'While counselling is reparative in nature, coaching has a developmental focus. Coaching is about change and action. The core purpose of coaching is to increase self-awareness, to make choices explicit, and to close the gap between potential and how things are currently.'

'All coaches who are BACP members are also qualified counsellors, which means they can safely work at depth to tackle the underlying causes of destructive patterns and the reasons you feel stuck.' (BACP, 2022)

As a BACP registered Therapeutic Coach and Personal Consultant I work collaboratively with you to deliver a bespoke package of support attuned to your needs. This is achieved through the integration of several established approaches.

Personal Consultancy is a model of therapeutic practice which enables the strengths of various counselling and coaching approaches to be integrated in a systemic way to address a wide range of needs. Which approaches are used depends on what you would like to achieve from the support and can be discussed at a consultation appointment.


Person-centered counselling... grounds your support in a therapeutic relationship.

Existentialism... helps us face the inevitable existential challenges of life.

Transactional analysis... offers a way of thinking about relationships and scripts.

Gestalt... supports movement through cycles of experience.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)... enlightens thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Solution-focused thinking... uses what is currently working to develop ways forward.

Coaching... focuses on the preferred future and provides the structure to get there.

Psychology... provides depth in understanding the human mind and behaviour.

Human Givens... highlights the essential needs and resources required to live in health.

Motivational Interviewing... elicits the reasons and motivation to make changes.

Trauma-focused CBT... addresses how trauma affects the processing of memories.

Rewind Technique... enables the processing of intrusive traumatic memories.

Protective Behaviours... gives principles and strategies to live with emotional safety.

Trauma-informed practice... understands behaviour as adaptive to the environment.

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