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Now also working with adults as well as secondary age young people

‘I can’t speak highly enough about Sue Trent. My daughter was struggling with separation anxiety and general worrying. I was at my wits end when we first met, with a daughter who was distressed about being parted from me anywhere, school, clubs, even her grandparents house and was struggling to let her worries out. Sue listened to the difficulties we were having, was easy to talk to and did not judge. She then spent time helping my daughter weekly, these sessions were presented in a fun way, helped my daughter understand why she felt the way she did and normalised some of the feelings she had. Sue helped her with strategies to cope with her worries and this has made such a massive difference to my child. She so enjoyed the time she spent with Sue that she was sad when she no longer needed the sessions, but now she is so much more confident and relaxed, she understands her feelings and also that of others. If she has a problem she now looks at her own ways to solve it, shares it with us and no longer bottles her worries up. She is like a different child, more relaxed, gaining confidence and is so much happier! Thank you Sue.’

Parent of a primary age child

'You are great. Thank you for helping me be happy and calm'

9 year old child

'Thank you so much for everything you did, it really did make a huge difference and seemed to turn things around'

Parent of a primary age child

'You helped me see how to have fun again'

10 year old child

'I just want to say how thankful I am for you taking time to speak to me, it helps me so much and you're so good at what you do.'

16 year old young person

‘I can't speak highly enough about the positive impact I have seen from the support Sue has given our children who present with emotional well-being and anxiety needs. Sue's calm, understanding and professional approach helps the children to feel safe to share their feelings and worries. The children quickly build a positive trusting relationship with Sue. Over the years, working closely with parents and staff she has helped many children at our school to acknowledge and understand their feelings, set themselves personal achievable goals and given them a range of supportive strategies to overcome their fears and barriers. These have ranged from children presenting with 'fight/ flight' behaviour, emotional trauma from home circumstances, lack of self-worth, low self-esteem and separation anxiety. Every child's needs are unique and different, however Sue uses her vast professional knowledge to quickly identify ways to support each and every one of our children with positive results for both the child and family.’

Primary School Headteacher

'The work that Sue carries out with some of our most vulnerable children has been transformational. Her targeted intervention and support leads to demonstrable impact, not only for the children she is working with but also those around them.  Sue is a highly regarded, professional, member of the team and comes highly recommended.'

Secondary School Headteacher

'Sue has worked successfully to help individual children re-frame how they approach situations to achieve more positive outcomes within home and school.'

Secondary School Deputy Headteacher

References for schools supplied on request.

'I think these sessions have been hugely beneficial because it has given her an impartial person to be able to talk to, as well as learn skills to deal with certain situations.'

Parent of a primary age child

'Coaching in general just helped with motivation. Started being able to go to activities more consistently and been feeling generally better as a result.'

14 year old young person

'He is much less stressed and able to manage his time, not panicking he has too little. Less tearful and sadness feelings. Holds his body better in social situations and smiles, makes conversation, looks more relaxed out and about.'

Parent of a secondary age young person

'He seems more settled, not as irritable at home. He's been happy to come to sessions, which surprised me, and has since discovered a very good friend is having therapeutic coaching for the same issue. His behaviour has improved at home and, as reported by tutor, at school also. Improved results at school. Not as disagreeable at home. He seems happier.'

Parent of a secondary age young person

‘The strategies I have learned to cope with anxiety have helped me. I have been able to prevent or reduce the impact of worrying.’

14 year old young person

‘…she then went back to the game and continued to lose, but was extremely calm and didn't react badly at all. This has NEVER happened before. I was amazed! …She calmed down almost immediately and went back to it and kept going. I was so impressed. I have recommended you to everyone I know. Even my husband has noticed the difference in her!’

Parent of a primary age child

'She is able to calm down quickly if she put the learnt strategies into play. She thinks about problems in different ways. She apologies more readily'

Parent of a primary age child

'Communication between myself and Sue has gone well. I have a more in-depth understanding of what is going on internally and externally.'

20 year old young person

'He has really benefited from having an independent person who he trusts to discuss his concerns with. The coping strategies he has learnt seem to have really helped him settle better at school. He has made some friends!! He seems better able to cope with situations he previously found very stressful.'

Parent of a secondary age young person

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